supportive services

Sometimes you need more than education and training to put your game change into play. It could be help with childcare, transportation, special requirements for particular careers, or a variety of other job-readiness details. We’re here to help you take care of all that, too. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of achieving your dream. Below you'll find the many ResCare FSET Supportive Services that can smooth your career path.

  • Child Support Order Modification
  • Driver’s License Recovery
  • Criminal Record Clean-up
  • Transportation Help
  • Background Checks if needed for Training & Employment
  • Childcare Resources & Referral Assistance
  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Clothing needed for Employment (uniforms) / Interviews*
  • *when community resources are available
  • Training Materials & Books
  • Course Registration Fee
  • Licensing & Bonding Fees for Work or Work Experience
  • Immunization or Physical needed for Employment
  • Equipment needed for Training or Employment

*Eligibility Limitations May Apply

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