job readiness and placement

Success in the workplace requires more than just having the skills for the job. It means communicating with coworkers and customers, developing solid work habits, and performing like a pro. You’ll have those skills, too. You’ll hit the job market with resume in hand and confidence in your heart. And when you do, ResCare placement services offers you options from soft skills training sites to full-time employment opportunities.  

  • "Roadmaps to Success" Job Readiness Workshop
  • People skills training
  • Social skills training
  • Personal career attributes exploration
  • Life Skills & Employment Training for Ex-Offenders
  • Customer Service
  • "Resume Pro" - Professional Resume Development
  • Job Club
  • Job Fairs & On Site Recruitments
  • Talent Market
  • Work Experience / Internship
  • Paid on-the-job Training
  • Career Pathways Exploration
  • Job Matching Services

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